Planta de reciclaje de residuos de la construcción

Recycling of Construction Materials

Recepción, clasificación y machaqueo de los residuos procedentes de la construcción y demolición

We work with standardized byproducts such as materials for fillings, plywood, sand fill, and recycled materials of RCD's in general intended for civil works.

In collaboration with local and provincial administrations, ordinances that manage and regulate the RCD's and agricultural plastics have been jointly developed. As a result, the points of illegal discharge have been reduced and the reuse and recycling of materials have been made possible, extending their useful life, controlling the heterogeneous management of a problem known as waste.



New waste management facilites

At present, the Business Project is being developed for the implementation of new waste management plants of first and second order in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, located in the northern part of the province of Cáceres.

Products that are marketed directly derived from the recycling of RCD's

  • Artificial ballasts of recycled origin and various grain sizes.

  • Natural ballasts of recycled origin and various grain sizes

  • Keystones of recycled origin

  • Packaged paper and cardboard

  • Glass from the recycling of demolition materials, and selective collection

  • Wood and metals

  • Mineral oils

  • Radiographies

  • WEEE, batteries, and fluorescent lamps

  • Car batteries

We are registered in the Special Administrative Register of Managers of RCD's with GRU No. 231