Ground movements

We have a fleet of trucks and machines that allow us to do the jobs with the quality that sets us apart

We work

Aproindo is the sector leader in the area

Contact us and we will offer you a complete budget for works such as roadworks, street assembly in urbanizations, open pit excavations, trenching, demolitions, transport of both natural and recycled aggregates...
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Our trucks 

  • Camión trailer marca Volvo

  • Camión carrillero marca Iveco

  • Camión carrillero marca Renault

  • Camión carrillero marca Mercedes

  • Dos camiones portacontenedores, marcas Ibeco y Volvo, para cubas de 11 m3 y 3,5 m3

Our machinery

  • Retro giratoria Daewo con zizaya, cazos y pulpo

  • Retro mixta Fiat-Hitachi

  • Mini-excavadora Daewo con pala, retro, martillo y pinza

  • Pala Fiat

  • Pala Hyundai

  • Tractor con cisterna de 12000 litros

  • Dos rulitos de hombre sentado

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