Service of


of vats

We offer the service of collecting vats so you do not have to worry about anything


We have 75 tanks, of which 20 are supplemented with a capacity of 11 m3 and the rest 3.5 m3. If you need more important capacities, we also have a vat truck with four vats, 2 of 50 m3 and another 2 of 18 m3.

We take the vats you need, remove them when they are full or have finished their work, and we manage the recycling of waste generated.

The process of hiring is very simple: you can contact us by phone at 629 275 174, indicating the type of tank you need and the address where you need it. We will take you the vat and at the time of withdrawal we give you the delivery note. We weigh the waste, we take it to the recycling plant and finally we issue the invoice with the weighing ticket.